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Mid Michigan Home Health care inc. strongly believes in providing its clients with the finest home care experience. We are committed to offering quality, effective and efficient home care services to our clients. We have employed a great team of caring, qualified and friendly professionals who have been screened and credentialed. We would like to assure our clients that every personnel within the agency abides to its core values of high competence and patient advocacy, respect and empathy to our clients and their families. Our management assures constant review and evaluation of delivery of services in order to offer our customers affordable and excellent home care services.

Skilled Nursing

Our Licensed Practical and Registered Nurses are qualified, educated and well trained to provide customers the appropriate and adequate skilled care that they need. They are focused in helping every client attain and regain personal independence. Our skilled nursing services include but are not limited to:

  • Treatment and injections
  • Ostomy Care
  • G tube/ J Tube /Feeding Care
  • Wound care / Wound Vac
  • Assessments and Teaching of Meds
  • I.V Therapy
  • Catheter Care
  • Drainage tube care
  • Drawing blood and Specimen collection
  • Teaching of Disease Process and Management
  • Pre-Op and Post-Op
  • Care of terminally ill
Skilled Nursing

Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy

Our Therapists are highly skilled and trained to help clients’ progress in their ability to perform activities for daily living. They will provide an In-home therapy program, as needed, in the warmth of clients’ homes. Our Therapists will assure that family members and friends receive information regarding necessary arrangements for outpatient services and help facilitate its transition. Our therapy services include but are not limited to:

  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Transfer Training
  • Gait Training
  • Balance Training
  • ADL Training
  • Perceptual Motor Training
  • Fine Motor Coordination
  • Ultrasound Electrotherapy
  • Prosthetic training
  • Fabrication of orthotic device
  • Muscle re-education
  • Patient/Caregiver/Family Education
  • Written instructions of individualized therapy plans
  • Teach safety precautions
  • Teach bed mobility skills
  • Teach safe/effective use of assistive device
  • Teach safe stair climbing skills
  • Teach alternative bathing skills
  • Fabrication of orthotic devices
  • Nero-developmental training

  • Sensory Treatment
  • Orthotics/Splinting
  • Adaptive Equipment(fabrication & training)
  • Re-training of cognitive, feeding, perceptual skills
  • Voice Disorders
  • Speech Articulation Disorders
  • Dysphagia Treatments
  • Language Disorders
  • Aural Rehabilitation
  • Non-oral Communication
  • Alaryngeal Speech Skills
  • Food Texture Recommendations
  • Safe Swallowing Evaluation
  • Teach/Develop Communication System
  • Speech Dysphagia Program
  • Therapy to increase articulation, proficiency, verbal expression
  • Lip, tongue, facial exercises to improve swallowing/vocal skills
  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy

    Medical Social Services

    Our Medical Social Workers are very educated and experienced in providing adequate and appropriate counseling that will assist in dealing with emotional and social factors that are related to the patient illness. Our medical social services include but are not limited to:
    • Counseling for long-range planning and decision making
    • Community resource planning
    • Identify eligibility for services/ benefits
    • Nursing home placement assistant
    • Alternate living arrangements
    • Arrange transportation for medical appointments
    • Emotional support to patient/ client/ family
    • Financial resource information
    • Arrangement of meal services
    • Initiate referral to personal emergency response system
    • Teach self-management skills
    • Crisis intervention
    Medical Social Services

    Home Health Aide/Certified Nursing Assistants

    Our Home Health Aides/Certified Nursing Assistants are highly trained in providing personal care, meal preparation, ambulation and exercises. Our home health aides are always under professional supervision to assure quality home care services are being provided. Our home health aide services include but are not limited to:

    • Assist with Bed / Tub / Shower
    • Assist with dressing changes
    • Hair Care
    • Brush / Shampoo
    • Skin Care
    • Foot Care
    • Shave / Groom / Deodorant
    • Nail Hygiene
    • Oral Care
    • Assist Catheter Care
    • Ostomy Care
    • Reinforce dressing
    • Assist with medications
    • Ambulation Assist with walker / cane
    • Mobility Assist with chair/ Bed/ Dangle / Commode / Shower
    • Meal Preparation
    • Wash Clothes
    • Light Housekeeping
    Medical Social Services

    Caregivers & Companions

    Our caregivers & companions are highly screened and credentialed. They provide personal care to patients. They are also under regular professional supervision to assure compliance set by the company, local, state and federal agencies. Mid Michigan Home Healthcare inc. routinely evaluates licenses and credentials of all of its employees as well as contractors. We do reference checks and previous employment verifications as well as validations of their licenses.
    Caregivers & Companions
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