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Here at Midmichigan we take great pride in taking care of not only our clients but our staff as well. We receive many, many emails and letters from patients, families as well as our staff expressing their gratitude for respect, support and high level of care they have received. As a home health provider we strive to treat our patients and our staff as family; which exemplifies the Optimal Way of doing business. Please take some time to read these testimonials; we are confident that Midmichigan will be your one source for all of your home health care needs.

Patients and Family

"I can't say enough about how great my nurse is. She has been coming out several times per week for almost two months now. She is always so cheerful and joyful; she really makes me feel special. I do not know what I would do without her" ­ Judith
"I am very happy with my nurse. She is very skilled and caring." ­ Lelah
"My nurse has been so wonderful. Since my husband passed away I have been on my own. Your agency has provided me with much more than home health care. Your staff has treated me with respect and compassion. I was really touched by the birthday card your staff sent me." ­ Betty
"I want to thank the staff at your agency. They have provided me with very good home care services. I love my nurse and I am deeply satisfied. I always look forward to seeing my nurse every visit." - Julia
"The agency's staff is very friendly and competent. I am very happy about the home care that was provided to me." ­ Ronald
“I want to thank your staff of nurses and therapists for all of the care and compassion they gave my husband. When he first came home from the hospital he was not even able to walk. Now he is able to walk up and down the stairs on his own!” – Shirley
To the staff at Mid Michigan Home Healthcare, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outstanding care you provided for my mom Betty. Your agency gave me peace of mind knowing that her needs were being met. I truly appreciate how friendly and knowledgeable your staff has been. I would definitely recommend your agency to anyone needing care for their parents and or a loved one. – Debbie
“I want to thank all of the staff at Mid Michigan Home Healthcare for sending my therapist Karthy to take care of me. She did such a wonderful job helping me through a difficult time. Thanks to Karthy my strength is back. Karthy really helped build up my ego and gave me a sense of well being. She is really good at what she does!” – Benny
“Mid Michigan Home Healthcare has a competent staff. I am very pleased with the agency’s services. They are very caring to me.” – Mavis


“I think the proudest thing that I experience on a daily basis is that we go out of our way to ensure that our patients are taken care of. I often receive calls from patients and their family members telling me how much they love their skilled professionals who come to see them. I love that we all come to work knowing we are making a difference in people’s lives. I came to Mid Michigan with the stipulation that I must feel like I’m impacting people in a positive manner, and I know that I achieve that every day.” – Shelia
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